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The podcast for women about all the things that matter.


  • Ice Tea

    From the name many folks may have wandered ice tea well guys I told you all I’ll be back so let’s go into business. RECIPES ;lipton-2bags ;cola cola/Pepsi_-50cl;sugar1/2cups lemon seasoning-1cup Water- cups maybe teacups cinnamon -1tablespoon and PROCEDURE 1!in a pot boil 2bags of Lipton it’s like tea that’s the Lipton package but dry so […]

  • Plain yoghurt

    Powdered milk,1cup sugar 1tablespoon ,culture4tablespoons procedures;1/In pot add the milk and water and  mix thoroughly 2/;ensure there is no lump boil for more five minutes/note/when it’s boiling before you start counting minutes 3;/allow to cool to look warm 4/;add sugar and culture/contour 5/;mix gently twice please wait a second ganna go

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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